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KEYS 🗝 🌿 to everything that has to do with Real Estate 🏡 and your Home. Fun tips, checklists, where-to, how-to, you name it.


1. Add curb appeal. The exterior photo of your home is the very first picture on the MLS. Mow the lawn, plant flowers, clean the windows, make your BEST first impression.

2. Declutter. If you do one thing, this is it! Clean off counters and pack away things you don’t need. Tidying up will show the buyer your home is well kept.

3. Make those repairs that have been on your to-do list and catch up on seasonal maintenance.

4. Deep clean…everything. Truly, what other occasions have you invited guests to look at every inch of your home? Make it sparkle!

5. Touch up the paint. Make your space look fresh.

6. Replace lightbulbs, add lamps, open the blinds, and make your space look bright and cheery!

7. Move your furniture around to create wide open spaces, while keeping it functional.

8. Remove valuables and anything “fixed” that you do not want to sell with the home.

9. Organize your home documents. The goal is to sell quickly. Organizing ahead of time will alleviate stress.

10. Your home needs to stand out, which means your Real Estate Agent needs to as well. GIVE US A CALL & let’s get your home LISTED & SOLD!  843-481-IHRE

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    Tricia is the best! She helped us buy our home while we lived across the country. Our son (3rd child) was in critical care in the NICU for 3 months. My husband and daughters moved into our new home a month before we were discharged. When my son and I arrived at our home for the first time, Tricia  had “Welcome home Whit and Christy” in our front lawn. She has been a friend and a great resource as we have settled into our new city!

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